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How to Stay Healthy at BU

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Staying fit and eating well at University is actually quite tricky!

Housemates asking to get takeaways? Or maybe you can’t be bothered to cook?

These are all excuses students use while studying. They often regret their newly formed bad habits later in the year. Therefore, we have created a small list of things to do to stay healthy and fit while at University. YOU GOT THIS!

Beach Runs

Bournemouth is a beautiful town, especially the beach. Go for a run along the front, just a short walk to the beach from Halls. Want to push yourself that little be more? Try a long run and jog along the sand. Just make sure you don't run over any innocent sunbathers!

Park Run

While you’re studying here, get involved in the community. Park Run is a great way to do this. Try Poole or Bournemouth Park Runs and get a personal best running your first of many 5k. For more information click here. Running like Phoebe from Friends is purely optional.

Sport BU

Sport BU is the on-campus place to go for all things active, go to the gym, fitness classes and even swimming (this is off-campus). They also sell some rather dapper hoodies. Find out more information here.

Societies and Teams

If you hate gyms and running, then think about joining a team or society. Bournemouth University has so many teams both varsity and amateur that you can join. From Rugby, Lacrosse to Quidditch (yes) and Frisbee. There is something for everyone. As well as Sports teams, you can join societies such as cooking or baking. Here you can refine your skills to impress you housemates of family when you head home over the holidays. Also, these are great places to meet people. Find more out about Societies and Teams available at SUBU here.

Student Cook Books

No doubt that every family member and their dog has given you a Student cook book. Although they can be annoying or seem time consuming to follow, have a scan through. You could learn a delicious new dish to impress you housemates. Most student cook book recipes focus on being quick, cheap and easy. What more could you want? These will also help you work out things you’ll need to bring to Uni too when you move in as many have utensil and key ingredient lists.


It is so easy to get carried away with takeaways, especially as they’re so much easier and less hassle. However, to change it up instead of a takeaway why not make a flat dinner? Fajitas, Curry or Bolognese are always fun alternatives. Just make sure your new friends aren't gluten/sugar/fun intolerant.


Written by: Lily Fleming

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