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Part-Time work at University

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Having just finished a four-year PR course at University, I can by far say that one of the best things I got involved in was working for SUBU. Alongside my studies, I worked for Dylans, the Students' Union bar on campus. What started as a small part time job to get some money on the side, turned into a job I never wanted to leave.

Working a job alongside University work can be daunting but it is easily manageable and a great way to socialise with others that are not on your course or your housemates. There are lots of stories online about banning part time jobs for students or that part time jobs are bad for student’s health and career prospects. For me, this wasn’t the case but I would urge others to really think about the pros and cons of part time work.

I started as an unsociable first year and ended as a Duty Manager with responsibilities and lots of lessons learnt. I was lucky that I got a job within the University itself but that doesn’t mean that other jobs with Bournemouth aren’t as amazing and beneficial.

Some things to think about when getting a job at University:

1. Having a job alongside studies can help you build skills such as time management and organisational skills. It’s a great way or helping you organise your life.

2. Furthermore, this is an added bonus for your CV and something you can talk about at job interviews when finishing University.

3. As mentioned previously, it can also allow you to meet new people and give you new opportunities such as on the job training etc.

4. Make your employers aware that you are a University student and that your studies come first. They are normally very understanding (especially in any of the University run jobs).

5. Make sure it will be a job you enjoy. A friend got a job in a local hotel because she also wanted to have some more money on the side. However, she hated it. She would come home late at night exhausted and it slowly started to affect her work. So she quit and while she doesn’t regret working there she realised it was affected her studies and and she is glad she gave it go. You never know until you try!

6. It’s an extra source of income! While this might be obvious it’s nice to know that you can afford that takeaway pizza and not have to worry as much.

I would first recommend starting to look at SUBU themselves for jobs. There are many part time jobs they offer. This could include, working for the Dylans or Old Fire Station bar, the coffee shops, the student union shop, student community wardens… ANYTHING. After that, I’d recommend looking at retail and restaurants in Bournemouth town centre or places like Winton, Charminster, Westbourne, Boscombe etc retail and restaurants are well known for taking University students from Bournemouth.


Written by Katy Bugg


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