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How to Stay Safe Whilst At Bournemouth University

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Coming to university is a truly exhilarating experience for students descending upon the luscious sandy shores of Bournemouth. It is a thrilling cocktail of freshers' events, socialising and new experiences. You will be enjoying your new-found freedom whilst meeting thousands of like-minded people.  It also may involve playing absurdly titled drinking games that you may regret the next day. (honestly - who came up with Bite the Bag?)

University life it often regarded as the most exciting time of your life - you will learn a LOT about yourself, particularly if it's your first time away from the family nest. No matter how amazing the sesh is, it is really important to look after number one - you can study AND have fun. We recommend taking responsibility for yourself and to keep your wits about you at all times.  Here are some top tips of keeping yourself safe.

1. Stay With Your Squad 👥

Heading out for a few drinks at The Old Fire Station? Go out with a group of mates and try to look after each other. Getting home safely is so important - so don’t walk alone. Make sure you surround yourself with friends or get a taxi.  If you've spent all your money on tropical VK's or post-dancefloor cuisine from California Chicken, then why not use SUBU’s Emergency Safe Taxi Scheme? Find more about this here.

2. Look After Your Drink(s) 🍹

Keep an eye on your drink at all times.  Leaving your drink unattended or accepting a beverage from someone you don’t trust could put you at risk of being spiked. As friendly and beautiful they might be, the consequences are not worth it for the price of a drink. 

3.  The Hangover (Part 4) 🤕

Ever woken up with that horrible feeling of not knowing what happened the night before, or even worse - not knowing where you are? Save the anxiety and don't put yourself at risk by watching how much you have to drink. That one more sambucca shot isn't worth it.

4. Explore Bournemouth 🚶‍♀️

Unsure of your new surroundings? Then explore and familiarise yourself with the Bournemouth area. Learn where your nearest public transports stops are, as well as the best routes to and from your accommodation. It will also give you the chance to find out the many interesting things to find in Bournemouth, such as the Upper and Lower Gardens and the BH2 complex. We've heard there's rumours of some sort of famous beach in town...

Why not post what you find on Instagram and tag us your discoveries? Click here to find us on Insta!

5. Lock It Down 🔐

Be mindful of leaving windows open in the warmer weather (will it be warm again?), especially if your window is accessible from outside. Keep your property secure when unattended and move your valuables so they are out of view! Potential theives always go the easy targets - the harder you make it for them to break in, the less likely they will try. 

6. Protect The Essentials 📱🎷

Ever thought about insuring your possessions? Give yourself peace of mind that you can replace your items in the event of an accident or theft. It’s a good idea to register your belongings (include serial numbers and pictures where you can). A really good website to use is Police often recover items and use websites such as Immobilise to trace owners.

7. Stay Safe Online 💻

Make sure you have up to date security software to defend against viruses and malware.  Received an email that seems strange? Check who the sender is, look for spelling mistakes, and most importantly don’t click on any links or attachment. There are also many 'bots' appearing on Facebook, making all sorts of fake promises. Stay smart and stay vigilant!

8.  Don't Be Too Social On Social Media 💬

How much information do you give away on Social Media? Check your profile settings to see what the general public can see. Is your date of birth, mobile number, and posts visible to everyone? When you ‘check in’ on Social Media, you may be advertising to someone that you are not at home (opportunists are everywhere). Facebook and Instagram may encourage you to add in extra details such as your education, current location and work history - but this is completely optional!

Thanks to SUBU Advice for this article. Find more about SUBU Advice and the services they provide here.


Did you know BU has a Neighbourhood Policing Team that regularly patrols campus?  You can always have a chat with them about community concerns or ask for some crime prevention advice. Find more information at

You can also find some fantastic crime prevention advice on the Dorset Police website


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