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Ten Facts about Bournemouth 🤓

So, you’re coming to Bournemouth University in September? Congrats! We thought we’d excite you even more with some weird and wonderful facts about what is soon to be your new home away from home.

Fact One

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown grew up in Bournemouth before she moved to Florida when she was 8.

Fact Two

On a busy mid-summer weekend, approximately 30,000 ice creams are sold across Bournemouth Seafront. Imagine the brain freeze 30,000 ice creams could cause!

Fact Three

Bournemouth and surrounding areas have been hit filming locations for the both Hollywood movies and breath taking British dramas. Some of these include Dunkirk, World War Z, Far From The Madding Crowd, Broadchurch and The Time of Their Lives. SUBU run trips to some of these destinations as places like Lulworth Cove and The Jurassic Coast are absolutely beautiful. Stay tuned, as we will announce this year’s trips in September. Click here to head to the Trips and Tours page.

Fact Four

Bournemouth Beach has been named best beach in the UK for 2019. Thanks to its golden sands, gorgeous blue waters and unmissable seaside vibe, Bournemouth Beach also ranked #6 out of Europe’s top 25 beaches. Can you believe it?! Well you’re about to come into an environment where referencing is key so it’s only fair we share the source. See here for yourselves.

Fact Five

Mary Shelley, the genius author behind Frankenstein, is buried in St Peters Church in Bournemouth Town. Right opposite this is a Wetherspoons pub called… you guessed it; The Mary Shelley.


Mary never lived in Bournemouth but in 1849 her son was told Bournemouth was the place to build a house because of its warmer climate. He believed this would improve the health of his wife and his mother Mary so went ahead and bought some land in Boscombe. It is clear from letters and records that Mary visited Bournemouth, perhaps to see the house getting built. However she died before the house was completed and buried there upon her dying request in 1851.

Fact Six

Dick & Dom, as in THE Dick & Dom from Dick & Dom’s bungalow once played a game of ‘Bogies’ in a lecture, right here, at BU.

Fact Seven

The Beatles have played Bournemouth more than any other UK town. When you live here, you’ll see why it’s so desirable.

Fact Eight

J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of The Rings apparently holidayed so much here throughout his life, he decided to retire here and sadly passed away in 1973.

When you and your flat mate have already eaten breakfast but the Fusion Building offer cooked breakfasts from £2.50 (5 piece)

Fact Nine

On average, there are 3000 deck chairs hired out on a busy summers weekend. If you don’t fancy hiring a deck chair, we suggest you bring a beach towel or a throw to sit on.

Fact Ten

Britains Got Talent’s very own Amanda Holden rode around Bournemouth, naked on a motorbike for £20. She was dared by her friends and even shouted ‘say no to crack’ at a security guard.

Of all the great things to do in Bournemouth, we suggest maybe not trying this one.

So, there you have it. Ten weird and wonderful facts about Bournemouth. Do with them what you will. If you want to know more bits and bobs, you can visit the SUBU website here.

See you in September!

Shannon (your Freshers event advisor) x


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