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The 6 Different Types of Flatmates you Will Encounter

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Throughout your year in halls you will either live with or be a certain type of flatmate. So for everyone moving in in September here is an insight of the people you will meet. 

1. The Master Chef

While you are having pasta for the 5th day in a row this flatmate is cooking up a storm. You will get jealous, but be nice because if you hang around while they are cooking long enough they may offer you some. You will not hesitate to take them up on their offer!

If you really want to get into the good books, maybe do the washing up after?

2. The Non-Stop Cleaner

This flatmate will remind you of home when you are woken up at 9am on a Sunday by them hoovering. They will always make little comments on how they can’t live in everyone else's ‘mess’. Tread lightly around this one!

3. The Passive-Aggressive Note Leaver

Every flat will start with that note above the sink saying “clean your own dishes”. This was at the hands of the note leaver. They don't want any confrontation but they want to get their point across so they resort to post notes. The notes will probably just become part of the decoration because most people don't read them. 

4. The Ultimate Procrastinator

This flatmate will go to extreme measures to put off doing uni work. One day they could be binge watching Netflix and the next day they could be creating the best corridor Slip’n’Slide, or blowing up 1000’s of balloons just to play a prank on someone.

5. The Ghost

Who knows whether they are in or not. You will probably never see this flatmate, they prefer to exit the comfort of their room in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping. If you are fortunate enough to bump into them when they are making their dinner at 1am, say hi. 

6. The Hard Core Partier

This flatmate is just at uni for the parties, don't expect to see them go to bed early. This all seems well until they hold pre’s every night and come stumbling in during the early hours of the morning. The best thing is to join them - you're at uni to enjoy yourself and let your hair down occasionally! When all else fails invest in earplugs. 

So if there is not one of these in your flat, it will probably be you!! 

Written By: Jessica Cookson

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