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Turning your feeback into policy

SUBU’s Student Voice and Policy team
want you to have the best experience possible whilst at BU. We rely on your feedback to inform our work, in order to deliver a Students’ Union that best represents you. We collect your feedback through our many Student Reps and other research, and we make sure to keep students updated on our progress.



Your course needs you!

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Students are at the heart of BU and the Student Rep system run by SUBU ensures that your voice is heard. We provide full training so you can collect feedback and improve your course!

    As well as having a positive impact on BU, being a Rep is really fulfilling and develops your personal skills, so what are you waiting for?

You're Brilliant Awards

Help us celebrate the members of BU staff that
make your student experience even better
with these awards that run all year long!

Introduction to Student Voice

Your feedback matters! Find out how we make
sure your voice is heard at BU.

Introduction to Representation

Want to know how representation works at
SUBU and how reps improve your time at BU?
This is for you!