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Beating the Nerves - Our top tips.

It's A-LEVEL Results day in 10 days time and we know so many of you will be freaking out about your results. But do not PANIC.

We've compiled some tip tips (including those from current students) on how to beat the nerves and focus on the now.


Taking your mind off of it all can really help you enjoy 'the now' and keep the worries away. Here are some of our favourite things to do.

  1. Go to Nandos with your mates and eat away your feelings.

  2. Have a competitive game of mini golf.

  3. Watch a horror film to shift the fear to something else.

  4. Retail therapy? Always a winner.

  5. Go for a walk somewhere lovely.

  6. Go for a coffee and cake with friends however be mindful of your caffeine intake as this can raise your heart rate!

  7. Play some sports or hit the gym.

  8. Get your arts and crafts on. Colouring has been proven to reduce stress and anxieties! If you fancy something a little different you can even go to a pottery painting cafè.


This very much links to tip #1. Exercise is like marmite. Some of you love it and some of you hate it but it's time to face the facts.

Exercise in any form can release endorphins and have a huge, positive impact on your mental health. It's also been proven to help people focus. So if you don't have a gym membership, go for a run, or if it's too hot try and get to a swimming pool.


Whether it's Mum or Dad, your mates or even your teachers, tell someone how you're feeling. Discuss options, next steps and coping strategies. We promise you'll feel better. If you hold everything inside you'll only let your nerves eat you alive!

4. PMA

It is SO important to rev up the positive energy. Whether you're psyching yourself up in the mirror, talking to yourself in your head or just trying to brush any little negativity under the carpet. Give yourself as much PMA (positive mental attitude) as you can! Instead of dwelling on what could go wrong or what might be, think of all of the positive things!


This one may seem a little silly but by controlling your breathing you can reduce your heart rate massively. Try a bit of beginners meditation. You can even do this before you go to sleep at night. Clear your mind, or think of positive relaxing thoughts whilst breathing in for 7 seconds, holding for 7 seconds and exhaling for 7 seconds. Or follow this little guide.

There are also loads of relaxation apps you can download for IOS and Android too. Some student favourites are 'Calm' and 'HeadSpace'

Remember to look after yourself and keep your cool. We are SO excited to see you in September and have every faith in you all. Good luck!


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